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Enter the realm of Baccarat, a bold testament to the art of fragrance, inspired by the illustrious Baccarat Rouge 540 by MFK. This scent begins with a luminous play of bergamot, rich oud, and a spark of lemon zest, immediately setting the stage for an experience that's both luxurious and captivating. Journeying into its heart, you'll be enveloped by the mossy embrace of oakmoss, the intoxicating allure of tuberose, and the radiant warmth of amber crystal. The fragrance finds its footing in a base of earthy vetiver, blooming magnolia, and the profound depth of musk.

Baccarat is a scent for those unafraid to make a statement. It carries the bold signature of ambroxan, known for its captivating allure. This is a fragrance that doesn't merely blend into the background; it demands to be noticed, leaving a trail of unforgettable impressions. Explore the audacious world of Baccarat and step into the spotlight.

Top: Bergamot, Oud, Lemon Zest
Middle: Oakmoss, Tuberose, Amber Crystal
Bottom: Vetiver, Magnolia, Musk

Volume: 8 oz

Burn time: Up to 60 hours

Natural Coconut Wax Blend I Paraben Free I Non-GMO Coconut I Food Grade Certified Coconut Oil I Sustainable Wax Base I Essential & Fragrance Oil Blends I Lead-Free Cotton Wick I Clean Burn I Hand Poured in the USA

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