Ellétte Candles

Diamant Rose


Embrace the delicate allure of Diamant Rose, a fragrance that dances between the sweet and the sensual. It unveils with the soft whispers of plum blossom, painting a picture of spring's first bloom. Journeying into its heart, you're greeted by the romantic notes of rose damask, melding seamlessly with the intoxicating sweetness of Valencia bloom and the dark, fruity tones of cassis. As it settles, the rich floral bouquet of wild magnolia and tuberose petals emerges, underscored by the subtle warmth of geranium and the velvety touch of musk. Diamant Rose is an ode to nature's timeless beauty, capturing the essence of a garden in full flourish.

Top: Plum Blossom
Middle: Rose Damask, Valencia Bloom, Dark Cassis
Bottom: Wild Magnolia, Geranium, Tuberose Petals, Musk

Volume: 8 oz

Burn time: Up to 60 hours

Natural Coconut Wax Blend I Paraben Free I Non-GMO Coconut I Food Grade Certified Coconut Oil I Sustainable Wax Base I Essential & Fragrance Oil Blends I Lead-Free Cotton Wick I Clean Burn I Hand Poured in the USA

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